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Newly Laulnched  Herbal Products

Various Herbal home utility products lmade from cow dung ike, Diiya,Tikki for worship, Dhoop Cup and  Cow Dung Cake for worship of God and House.

Prakrutikart’s Tejan Bamboo Lamps and Lights

Beautifully handcrafted elegant details with natural material, adds a timeless and classic element to your home!

Shades of Lights

About Our Products

Tejan Bamboo Lamps and Lights

Light up your living space and home with natural and beautiful touch by our decorative Tejan Bamboo lamps and lights. Indulge into our countryside yet modern products through a variety of lamps offered in different shapes and patterns.

Customize your interiors using these beautiful bamboo home decor items and set the mood lighting of your home decor. Lights and Lamps are very advantageous and promise to bring functionality to your space and tranquillity to your lifestyle.

Decorative table & floor lamps are ideal options to choose for lighting as well as decorating purposes. Bamboo wall lights with a modern decorative touch are perfect to add a delightful finish to your home decor and elevate the whole ambiance of any living space. You can incorporate these in any room of your home. Perfect to make a charming style statement through the lighting of your space.

Featured Services

Corporate Gifts that Leaves a mark

Sophisticated and beautiful decorative Lamps which are made out of true craftmanship with natural bamboo

Interior Design Products

Megnificant Decore products for home and office to bright up your space and make it more beautiful

Customized Products as Required

We customize and make amazing products as per requirement to bring decorative versatility anywhere in your home

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